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CRIC – Center for Recognition and Inspection of Cells

The Center for Recognition and Inspection of Cells (CRIC) is a consortium among researchers that aims to provide cell collections to the scientific community.

The consortium includes Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Universidade Federal do CearáBerkeley University  and Lawrence National Berkeley Laboratory.


Our Mission

CRIC was established in 2014 with the primary mission to create computational environments that allow collaboration between cytopathologists and computer scientists using machine learning and AI. Mainly designing tools capable of assisting the decision-making of cell lesions, providing an improvement in the resulting quality of the exams and a minimization of the false ones negative.


The research activities at CRIC  has been developed by several scientists, we have achieved our purposes by:


  • CRIC Searchable Image Database, a web platform for manual detection and quantification of cell structures, cell collection; development;
  •  an interactive environment for cell users, a playground platform for CRIC Searchable Image Database;
  • a database with 400 real images of Pap smear;
  • CRIC Cervix classification database including 11,534 cells and seven (7) classification lesion types using Bethesda system;
  • CRIC Cervix segmentation database including 3,233 segmented cells (nuclei and cytoplasm) and seven (7) classification lesion types using Bethesda System;
  • more projects


The database has been used in machine learning and deep learning methodologies to detect, identify and classify lesions in cervical cells. Enabling reliable results, decision-making aided systems, and predictive modeling for computer aided diagnosis.


We hope CRIC results become a useful resource for cervical cancer investigation and may help physicians provide a healthier life for women worldwide.